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Néstor Chprintzer




  • Excellent conceptual and visual storytelling skills to produce pieces integrating a wide range of Audio Visual elements and Multimedia.

  • Strong skills managing projects and handling multiple installations at the same time.

  • Extensive knowledge of presentation tools and design including most common computer applications for film editing and multimedia presentations.

  • Video camera, artistic photography and lighting extensive hands on experience.

  • Attention to detail with strong communication skills.

  • Very familiar with installations for Museums exhibitions.

  • Film and documentary director background.


Professional Experience and studies:

Film Studies, Photography, and Architecture - Associates degree at the University of Buenos Aires.

Film Professor for freshman students at the University of Buenos Aires.

Some of my students will become major filmmakers in Argentina like Fabian Bielinsky ("Nine Queens", "The Aura")

In 1978 moved to Madrid.

Began working as a photojournalist and news correspondent for Argentine Newspapers and Magazine publishers all over Europe.


Traveled for five years through different countries making news reports for magazines:

People, Us, Billiken, Grafico, etc., and several Spanish newspaper and magazine publications.


I specialized in Museology and Audiovisual Media, and began working as director of Multimedia Entertainment Companies : Kotler, James y Asociados SL, Imaginaria SL, and Konic SL.


In 1999 created my own company: La Nave SL.

Worked and a long series of projects for Spain and Madrid government Institutions, Ministries, Autonomous regions, Municipalities, etc.

Between 2005 and 2010, I worked filming and editing my documentary on the subject

of Anti-Semitism and the Media: "Israel, Spanish version".

It has been shown and participated in several documentary film festivals in Spain and on television, Telemadrid.

This documentary also is played at special engagements and at Spain Universities.


A sample of the recent work:

Development, production, photography and multimedia exhibition



Exposición Fotográfica en

Centro Cultural Galileo

15 de enero a 13 de febrero.


Actualmente en preparación,

tres programas

para Metro de Madrid.  


Exposiciones Fotográficas en

Centro Cultural Galileo

Centro Israel-Sefarad del 

Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores

Café Comercial de Madrid

Café Mestizo, Oslo, Noruega


Metro de Madrid,

"Vestíbulo Histórico de Pacífico"



"Toledo Time Capsule"

Studies on the crossroads between the three cultures in Toledo, Spain.


Personal Photographic Exhibition.

Galileo Cultural Center of Madrid.

FIART gallery.

Centro Sefarad Israel.



"History Cistercian"

Monastery of Santa María de Huerta.

Audiovisual, stage sets.

"Prince Corral".

Scale model 3D and virtual projections.

Madrid History Museum.


"Belmonte Castle", Cuenca.

Audiovisual three giant screens as Introduction to visit the Castle.


"Magna Mater." Interpretation Center Cuevas de Soria.

Diputación de Soria.

"Pedro de Mena, sculptor." Audiovisual and Interactive Installation,

Museum "Revello de Toro", Malaga.


"Casa Cisneros." Audiovisual 3 screens to project Museum of the City of Madrid.


"Dawn is no little" Interpretation Centre dedicated to the film

José Luis Cuerda. Ayna, Albacete.


New Museum "Anden 0" Metro de Madrid: Antigua Chamberí Metro Station and Power Station Metro. 

Audiovisual and comprehensive technical assembly of the space recovered by the City of Madrid and Madrid Metro.

"Mining Park Almadén" comprehensive realization of two audiovisual about the town of Almadén in Ciudad Real, for the Mining Interpretation Centre. Including original animation drawings.


EXPO Zaragoza: 3 Audiovisual for the Pavilion of Castilla Leon.

EXPO Zaragoza.

Future to the Past: Masterpieces of Contemporary Art

Ibercaja bank Exhibition and Conference in Zaragoza.


"Madrid 4000 years ago." Audiovisual on the prehistory of Madrid

for exhibition at the Museum of San Isidro.

CLH. Audiovisual Company Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos CLH and Aviation.


"History of the Pyrenees". Audiovisual for

City Council Graus, Huesca.

"Spain in the Mediterranean." Audiovisual

National Library. Ministry of Development.

"Octopuses Boulevard" - Ouka Lele in his Labyrinth.

Audiovisual installation. Madrid's community.

"Master of Dance": a virtual representation of

Madrid theater of the eighteenth century,

Centro Cultural Conde Duque, White Night, Madrid 2006.

"Russian Avant - garde" - Fundación Caja Madrid.

Technical installation and audiovisual production for the exhibition.

House Alhajas.

Other works

"Footprints" - Madrid, Directorate General of Historical Heritage.

"The Poetics of Cuenca". Ayto. Of Madrid.

Centro Cultural de la Villa.

"Spain 50".

Mücsarnok Kunsfhalle. Budapest, Hungary.

Narodni Galerie. Prague, Czech Republic.

"New Baztán". Ethnological Museum of Madrid.

Video Audiovisual and scenic effects.

"Benalroma". Benalmádena Town Hall

Villa Romana Benalroma.

"Corrala theater Alcalá de Henares". Audiovisual show on the history

of the theater. Madrid, City Hall Alcala de Henares.

"Sound in the eighteenth century Madrid Landscapes" scenic Tonadilla.

Development of a virtual puppet theater for the Museum of San Isidro.

"Ivliobriga". Audiovisual for Interpretation Center of the city, Cantabria.

"Birthplace Museum Fernando de Aragón". SOS del Rey Católico.

This project encompassed ten video projectors with stage effects and lighting.



Photography Books Published


Reyes and Maecenas.  Ministry of Culture

The hispanorroman City. Ministry of Culture

Centers and peripheries in the modernization of Spanish Painting. Ministry of Culture

Fernando de Aragon. Collaboration. Government of Aragon.

Pedro de Matheu. Culture Ministry.

Agueda de la Pisa. Castilla and Leon meeting. Several catalogs.

Peace and War in the Age of the Treaty of Tordesillas. Castilla and Leon meeting.

1898 End of the Century Spain. Ministry of Culture

Scholars in París. Exhibition Catalogue. Ministry of Culture




French: Read, Write, high level

English: Read, Write, middle level.


References upon request.

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